NEW Falcon Diamond Compound Sets Now Available

  1. 8/15/2019
  2. New FALCON Diamond Compound Sets are the perfect way to try a wide range of Falcon's ultimate polishing medium. FALCON Diamond Compound consists of extremely sharp, blocky diamond particles of uniform size suspended in a specially designed carrier. All of the features of the compound are optimum for achieving excellent finishes, rapidly, with minimum effort and cost.

    Sets are available in either Medium Light, Standard or Heavy concentrations. 

    Each set contains (1) 6 oz bottle of Polishing Lubricant & Diamond Thinner and (5) 2 gram syringes: one of each of the following grades: 

    #3 Green - 1-5 Micron

    #6 Yellow - 4-8 Micron

    #9 Red - 6-12 Micron

    #15 Brown - 8-22 Micron

    #30 Mahogany - 20-40 Micron

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