Falcon Tool offers a variety of unique abrasive products to meet the needs of various polishing, cleaning, deburring, and grinding applications. From coated abrasives to rubberized abrasives, our selection will help you get the job done!


Cartridge Rolls Ideal for finishing operations on inside diameters and dead-end holes as well as lapping operations. 
Tapered Cone Points Excellent for accessing hard-to-reach areas and internal diameters. Their conical shape and pointed end help to effectively deburr holes and allow easy access to tight areas.  
Press-On Discs Ideal for light blending, cleaning, finishing, grinding, sanding, and surface preparation. Their flexibility makes them great for use on contoured areas. 
Press-On Strips Available in both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, Press-On Strips are excellent tools for polishing ribs, slots, and hard-to-reach areas. 
Waterproof Paper Achieve best results with our resin bonded, durable Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper Sheets when used wet. 
Belt Sticks Versatile finishing tools used for sanding and smoothing hard-to-reach areas. Available in standard aluminum oxide or 3M micro-finish film options. Replacement belts available as well as  cost-saving sets. 
Cratex Made Rubberized silicon carbide abrasive with a unique cushioned action. Used for deburring, smoothing, cleaning and polishing on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 
MX Finishing Wheels Cotton fiber bonded with aluminum oxide abrasive results in a smooth running and non-loading mounted point used for blending, deburring and finishing on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 
 Radial Discs SUNBURST Radial Discs are excellent for finishing and polishing hard-to-access areas without removing detail or causing flat spots. 
 Mandrels Falcon offers a wide variety of standard, pilot and cone point mandrels for use with unmounted felt, mounted points, rubberized abrasives, coated abrasives and more.