Sheenus ZERO Standard Set Ultrasonic Polisher

The Sheenus ZERO can be used for grinding, polishing and mirror finishing on a wide range of materials from aluminum dies to cemented carbide dies. It is also perfect for plastic molds, press, casting, forging, trimming and header dies. This tool quickly removes hard layers of EDM deposits and polishes difficult areas such as complex corners and ribs. Capabilities include bur removal, grinding and polishing of precision molds, dies electronic and ceramic components. 

Sheenus ZERO Standard Set Includes

Ultrasonic Handpiece
Power Cable
(1) Tip Holder Set
(1) Ceramic Stone Holder
(1) Ceramic Fiber Grindstone Blue
(1) Electroplated Diamond Taper File
Tool Box (Plastic)
(1) 10mm Wrench 
(1) 2.5mm Allen Wrench
(1) Foot Pedal
(2) Fuse AC120V

Control Unit Specifications:   Control Unit Features:  
Unit Model   NE330 120V   Power Level Indicator
Power Source   AC120V  2 Mode Display Selection 
Power Consumption   100VA  Easy Touch Function Switches 
Dimensions  W6.34" x D10.08" x H3.31"   Powerful and Constant
Oscillation Frequency   19 kHz - 29 kHz  Max output of 45W (Frequency 19 - 29 kHz)
 and constant output power
Power Conditioning   Continuous variable type
Frequency Control   Auto-tracking type  
Output Power  UNCLAMP mode Max. 45W
 CLAMP mode Max. 20W
Weight  3lb. 5oz.   

Handpiece Specifications:   Handpiece Features: 
Handpiece Model  US-50P  Ergonomically comfortable and lightweight for 
 effortless work over long periods. Light, resin
 body ergonomically designed to provide precise 
 control while operating. 
Oscillator  PZT piezoelectric type
Attachment Fixing  M6 screw
Cable Length  6 ft
Dimensions  ø0.63" (Max ø1.10") x L5.28"   
Weight  5.29 oz. (excluding cable)  


Complete Set - Item #Sheenus7775
Control Unit only - Item #Sheenus7778
Handpiece only - Item #Sheenus7780

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