Diamond Files

Diamond Files are the perfect tool for use on a variety of materials and intricate areas. The distribution of diamond particles enables the diamond file to not only cut in all directions, but also produces a much better finish than a traditional file. 


Contact Files 

Commonly used in the mold & die industry for very accurate applications.  
DHM & DH Files  Tapered files used for filing inside slots and grooves.

Diamond Files for Die Profiler

To be used with Die Profilers. Available in a variety of shapes and styles. 

Diamond Machine Files for Air Profiler

To be used with Air profilers. Available in a variety of shapes and styles. All with 3.0 mm round shank. 

Diamond Needle Files

Allows easy access to complicated areas. Regular needle files and extra slim needle files available. 

Diamond Needle Taper Files

Tapered needle files that allow easy access to difficult areas like ribs and slots. 

Diamond Tipped Lapper Files 

Specifically designed for use in high speed, short stroke profilers. 

Flexible Files

Flexible, yet strong and light diamond files. Choose between plastic or metal based blanks. 

Spire Diamond File

Thin, durable diamond file used to reach very narrow and small areas.
File Holders              Interchangeable File Holder & Diamond Needle File Holder

Diamond File Sets

Sets available for Diamond Needle Files, Diamond Tip Lapper Files, Diamond Needle Taper Files and DH Files