Stoning Oil & Lubricant

Falcon Tool offers two polishing lubricants to satisfy your application needs: Stoning Oil and Polishing Lubricant & Diamond Thinner. Whether you're stoning or thinning diamond compound, we have the proper lubricant to get the job done.


Stoning Oil
Petroleum-based lubricant for use with Finishing Stones & Coated Abrasives.
Prevents stone loading & allows for more consistent & free cutting action.
Not harsh on the hands. Does not promote oxidation.
Use on the work piece/tool itself or as a stone pre-soak.

Polishing Lubricant & Diamond Thinner Developed for use with Falcon Tool Diamond Compounds & Finishing Stones.
Doubles as both a stoning lubricant & a thinner for diamond compounds.
Penetrates quickly & lubricates every particle for maximum cutting action. 
Helps flush away abraded material while reducing lapping time.