Cratex® Rubberized Abrasives

Falcon Tool offers a large selection of Cratex® Rubberized Abrasives which are used in a widely diversified list of industries, on production and assembly lines, in finishing operations, in tool and machine shops, in the production of basic tools, instruments, component parts and for maintenance and repairs. Cratex® is made of premium quality silicon carbide evenly distributed throughout a premium grade oil-resistant rubber bond. In contrast to hard grinding wheels, the Cratex® bond offers a unique cushioned action. It resists loading and cuts smoothly without gouging into the work surface and is ideal for a broad range of applications where metallic or non-metallic surfaces must be smoothed or polished without loss of dimensional tolerances or control.

Cratex® is available in a variety of shapes and sizes including wheels, points, cones, blocks, and sticks in four standard grit textures: Coarse (80 Grit), Medium (150 Grit), Fine (280 Grit), and Extra Fine (400 Grit). 


Cratex® Shapes Variety of Cylinder, Bullet, Tapered, and Pointed Cratex® Shapes. 
Cratex® Small Wheels  Straight and Knife Edge Cratex® Small Wheels ranging in size from 3/8" to 1" diameter. 

Cratex® Large Wheels

Large Cratex® Wheels ranging in size from 1-1/2" to 8" diameter. 
Cratex® Blocks & Sticks  Square, Rectangular and Round Cratex® Blocks and Sticks. Length is 6" with diameter options ranging from 3/16" to 2". 
Cratex® Kits Six unique Cratex® Kits including the Combination Kit, Cone Test Kit, Block & Stick Test Kit, Polishing Kit, Small Wheel and Mandrel Kit, and Point and Mandrel Kit.