FALCON Finishing Stones

Falcon Tool's line of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide finishing stones is manufactured in the USA and is of the highest quality in the industry. Shop our large selection of formulations, grits, sizes and shapes! Also available in money saving sets!


EDM Hard-structured aluminum oxide stone for finishing EDM surfaces on all types of mold & die steel.
Hard, strong & will hold its shape while penetrating surface scale easily. 
Ideal for polishing sharp corners & small details either by hand or with a profiler.
GS Premium aluminum oxide finishing stone with a proprietary treatment process. 
Medium-hard structure & fast breakdown offers quick material removal while leaving a smooth, silky finish. Delivers exceptional performance on EDM surfaces, milling & machining marks. 
N Our most popular general purpose finishing stone!
A fantastic all-around fast-cutting finishing stone that can be used on nearly any material. 
Offers soft cutting action combined with the perfect breakdown speed. 
SE Semi-hard aluminum oxide finishing stone with slow breakdown used for general polishing.
Load resistant & can be used on all tools steels as well as non-ferrous materials. 
SO Medium-hard structured silicon carbide finishing stone with moderate breakdown. 
Used for general polishing on tool steel & non-ferrous materials. Harder than "PO".
PO Soft silicon carbide finishing stone with porous structure. Can be used on all tool steels.
Fast, even breakdown leaves a fine, velvet finish. Mostly used for hand polishing.
Designed to conform easily to detail areas. Ideal for roughing out non-ferrous materials. 
HA Specially treated premium grade aluminum oxide finishing stone with a hard structure.
Load resistant with a smooth cutting action. Performs well on all types of tool steel.
Holds its shape making it perfect for polishing ribs, slots, letters, & hard-to-reach areas.
NF Specially treated soft aluminum oxide finishing stone of medium hardness.
Engineered for polishing aluminum & other soft metals. Will not scratch or tear the surface. 
Cuts fast & breaks down quickly while leaving an excellent finish.
PRO Oil-filled aluminum oxide finishing stone with a medium-hard structure. 
Excellent breakdown characteristics & retains its shape. Perfect for polishing mold cavity details.
Works great on A2, A6, D2, DC53, O6, S7, and P20.
 B Extremely hard & resilient resin bonded aluminum oxide finishing stone. 
Breakdown resistant even during the most challenging applications.
Holds its shape while leaving a fine finish. Ideal for ribs, slots & other hard-to-reach areas.