India Abrasive Files

Falcon Tool offers a large selection of India Abrasive Files including India Bench Stones, India Combination Bench Stones, India Knife Blades, India Silversmiths Stones, Engraver's Pencils, India Reamer Stones, India Round Edge Slips, Round Crystalon Combination Stone, India Round Files, India Half Round Files, India Square Files, India Three Square Files, India Diamond Files, India Points, India Taper Square Files and India Taper Round Files. 

India Stones are made from aluminum oxide abrasive, are brown in color and are filled with oil during the manufacturing process. This type abrasive is preferred for producing exceptionally keen, long lasting edges and for high quality steel tool work. They are available in coarse, medium and fine grits. 

· Fine (F) 320 Grit 
· Medium (M) 240 Grit
· Coarse (C) 100 Grit 

Although oil-filled, India Stones should be used with an oil such as our Stoning Oil or Polishing Lubricant and Diamond Thinner for best results as it will help prevent stone loading (clogging the pores of the stone with the material being removed which prevents cutting action). 


India Square Files Ideal for a variety of applications including lapping/honing to close tolerances to produce the finest edge on precision parts, die work & delicate tools.

India Three Square Files Ideal for a variety of deburring, chamfering & radiusing applications. Produces strong, long-lasting edges & uniform finishes.

India Diamond Files Ideal for cleaning acute angles in dies & molds & stoning geometric chasers. Produces strong, long-lasting edges & uniform finishes.

India Round Files Ideal for deburring, chamfering, radiusing, lapping, honing, & cleaning radius tools to a burr-free edge.  

India Half Round Files  Offer both a round & a flat surface & are made for imparting a fine finish on precision machine parts, tools & dies. Designed to produce keen edges & uniform finishes.

India Knife Blades  Quickly sharpen, hone & maintain the edges and points of cutting tools. Also the choice for clock & watchmakers for ability to quickly produce sharp edges & points.
India Points  Allows quick cleaning of tight corners & recesses without removing too much material. Ideal for applications requiring close tolerances & accuracy. 

India Silversmith's Stones Specially shaped for use by silversmiths & mechanics. Ideal for close tolerance lapping & cleaning tools & dies.

India Bench Stones Produce a strong, long-lasting edge on all types of knives, plane blades, chisels, & more. Ideal for hand dimensioning & sharpening of tools requiring a flat, sharp edge.

India Combination Bench Stones Produce keen, long-lasting edges with unique combination of coarse & fine grit aluminum oxide. Offers a coarse (120 grit) surface & a fine (320) grit surface.

India Round Edge Slips Precision tools designed to maintain their shape while achieving a uniform finish. Quickly produces strong, keen long-lasting edges & quality finishes.
Round Crystolon Combination Stone Quickly sharpens & finishes cutting edges. It's silicon carbide abrasive sharpens & removes stock fast. Offers a coarse (120 grit) surface & a fine (320 grit) surface.