Falcon Tool Company offers an unrivaled array of Swiss Files, Rifflers, Die Sinker Files, American Pattern Files, Needle Files and more! Known for their quality and reliability, Falcon Tool Files are an excellent choice for metalworking, casting, cleaning, engraving, woodworking, polishing and many other applications within the industrial, jewelry, dental and hobby industries.


Die Sinkers Rifflers

Double-ended files for metal removal & smoothing in tight places.

Silversmith Rifflers

Heavier version of our Swiss Die Sinkers Rifflers.

Needle Files - Round Handle

Precision files with a smooth round handle for exacting work.

Needle Files – Knurled Handle

Precision files with a knurled round handle to aid with grip.

Swiss Precision Files

Easy to use precision files with a long life expectancy.

Swiss Parallel Machine Files

Wide variety of parallel files, cuts on either down stroke or up stroke.

American Pattern Files

Used for rapid metal removal on sharp corners, shoulders and flat surfaces. 

File Holders & Handles

Variety of holders and handles for our extensive line of files. 

File Cards

For general cleaning of file teeth.