Detail Stone Sets

Falcon Tool offers a wide selection of detail polishing stones including Ceramic Super StonesMiniature Ceramic Super StonesCristone® Crystal Fiber Stones, Ceramic Diamond Stones, and the CNB. These stones are the perfect tools for fine detail polishing jobs. Available to purchase individually or in money saving detail stone sets!


Ceramic Super Stone 
5 Piece Sets Available in 1x4x100mm and 1x6x100mm Size Options!
Used for fine detail polishing of ribs, slots & sidewalls. 
Excellent stone for EDM (electrical discharge machining) scale removal. 
Suitable for use on all types of mold & die materials. 
Extremely strong yet thin & incredibly flexible. 
Miniature Ceramic 
Super Stone
5 Piece Sets Include (4) Stones and (1) Stone Holder in Two Size Options!
Offers same high performance as the standard Ceramic Super Stone. 
Extremely strong for their size & thin to reach tight ribs and slots. 
Suitable for use on all types of mold & die materials. 
Cristone® Crystal 
Fiber Stone
3 Piece and 6 Piece Sets Available in a 1x4x100mm Size!
Manufactured using the highest quality, chemically produced crystal fibers. 
Offers high polishing efficiency & optimal surface finishes.
Incredible bending strength. Perfect stone for detail polishing.
Ceramic Diamond 
3 Piece Set Available in 1x4x100mm and 1x6x100mm Sizes Options!
Excellent for polishing carbide & hardened surfaces. 
Formulated with combination of ceramic fibers & diamond particles. 
Results in continuous cutting action. 
Use in ribs, slots, sidewalls, & hard-to-reach areas.