Diamond Compound

Falcon Tool Company offers three unique brands of diamond compound to choose from based on your needs, all are made using the highest quality materials. 

Our Falcon brand of Diamond Compound is available in medium-light, standard and heavy concentrations and grades ranging from #45 Purple for heavy stock removal to #1/2 Grey for final finishing. It is both oil and water soluble and consists of a precise blend of natural and synthetic diamond particles resulting in an aggressive, fast-cutting compound. 

Our Adamas brand of Diamond Compound is an excellent and economical choice for general use applications. Adamas' consistent blend of synthetic diamond particles is offered in a heavy concentration. It's wide thermal processing range allows it to be used under the most demanding conditions.  Available in either oil or water soluble formulations.

Our DIAMAX brand of Diamond Compound is the leading choice of mold and die polishing professionals with faster cut rates and better surface finishing results than other brands. Available in 5 gram and 18 gram syringes and is both water and oil soluble. 


Falcon Tool Diamond Compound 
Precise blend of natural and synthetic diamond particles results in faster cutting and superior finishing. The professional's choice! 
Adamas Diamond Compound A great option for those looking for a quality diamond compound at a more economical price point. Offers excellent performance for general use applications. 
DIAMAX Diamond Compound A premium compound that works exceptionally well for a broad range of polishing applications.