Diprofil® Di-Profilers

For more than 65 years Diprofil® Di-Profiling Machines have been the preferred choice for tool and mold makers worldwide. Their wide variety of handheld reciprocating polishing and filing machines are manufactured to the highest possible quality standards with ergonomics and the operators well-being in mind.

The most popular Di-Profiler among Falcon Tool customers is the Classic FPH/R which is driven by an electrical motor with speed control and a flexible shaft with a ball-joint, square-hole connection. Click here to learn more about the FPH/R. Additional flexible shaft driven, air driven and micro-motor driven machines are also available. Contact Customer Service for more information! 


Diprofil® Classic
FPH/R Di-Profiler 

Driven by an electrical motor with speed control & flexible shaft with ball-joint, square-hole connection. Profiler only, motor & flexible shaft sold separately. 

Diprofil® Classic FPH/R Di-Profiler
Complete Set 

Everything you need to run your FPH/R Die Profiler. Includes Profiler, Foredom SR Motor, Foot Control, Square End Cable, & Outer Sheath.

Diprofil® Classic
Di-Profiler Spare Parts

Spare parts for Diprofil® Di-Profilers. Download the FPH/R Spare Parts List here!

Stone Holders

Finishing Stone holders designed specifically for use with Diprofil Die Profiler.