Cutting Tools

Falcon Tool Company offers a variety of Cutting Tools including a vast selection of Carbide Burs, Carbide Deburring Tools, and Tungsten Vanadium Steel Burs to meet the demands of deburring, milling, cleaning, and finishing applications. 


 Carbide Burs
Wide selection of Solid Carbide Burs in various lengths, fluting styles,
shapes, and sizes including Long Shank and Midget Burs. 
Carbide Deburring Tools Coarse fluted tools for aggressive, non-loading stock removal on non-
ferrous metals, aluminum, soft steel, plastics, and other soft, sticky materials. 
Tungsten Vanadium
Steel Burs - 3/32" Shank

Tough, hard burs for precision cutting due to increased number of flutes and smaller teeth which don't chip as easily. Wear out more quickly than HSS and Carbide Burs but are much less expensive. 
Carbide & High Speed Steel Blanks High quality carbide blanks in a full range of materials and sizes to meet your application needs.