Roughing Stones

Falcon Tool's line of aluminum oxide roughing stones is manufactured in the USA and is of the highest quality in the industry. Shop our large selection of formulations, grits and sizes!


RO-GS Soft aluminum oxide roughing stone.
Great for roughing out large tools & dies. 
Will rapidly remove scratches or machine tool marks. 
Expertly formulated for rapid stock removal. 
Roughout Medium-soft aluminum oxide roughing stone.
Fast breakdown & aggressive cutting action.
Excellent for roughing large mold & dies & for removing cutter marks.
RO-MED Medium-hard aluminum oxide roughing stone. 
Excellent for rapid, aggressive stock removal. 
Perfect for mold contours because of its fast breakdown.
R Extremely fast cutting aluminum oxide roughing stone. 
Performs well on all tool steels.
Provides sharp cutting action for fast stock removal.
Consistent breakdown allows the stone to be used dry without loading.
RO-HARD Hard aluminum oxide roughing stone.
Offers moderate breakdown characteristics & rapid, aggressive stock removal. 
Excellent for detailing sharp corners and steps.