Carbide Burs

Falcon Tool Company offers a wide selection of Solid Carbide Burs and Midget Burs to meet the demands of most deburring, milling, cleaning, and finishing applications. You can expect tool-to-tool consistency from our made in USA Carbide Burs. Lab inspected raw materials, machine-ground cutting flutes and an automated temperature-controlled brazing process results in a premium quality bur. 

Our Solid Carbide Burs are available in standard 1-1/2", 2" and 3" overall lengths. We also offer Midget Burs with a 3/32" shank and 1-3/4" overall length for precise applications. Whatever your need is, we've got the shape, size and fluting style to get the job done! 


Solid Carbide Bur Standard 1-1/2" Length
Made in USA Solid Carbide Burs available in both 1/8" & 1/4" Shank options & a wide variety of shapes, sizes & fluting styles. 
Solid Carbide Bur
2" Length
Our standard premium quality bur in a 2" Overall Length & 1/8" Shank. American made!
Solid Carbide Bur
3" Length

Our standard premium quality bur in a 3" Overall Length & 1/8" Shank. American made!
Midget Carbide Burs Small carbide burs for accurate applications available in a 3/32" Shank & 1-3/4" Overall Length. 
Carbide Bur Sets Our Standard 1-1/2" Overall Length Carbide Burs available in a variety of money saving sets!